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Welcome to Blackhearts Gaming.

Formed in July, 2005, Blackhearts Gaming is a multi-national gaming community providing a fun, friendly, cheat free enviornment for it's members, friends, and guests to enjoy playing the games we love together.  We host and administrate our own game servers, website and teamspeak servers.  We are currently hosting game servers for the Arma 3 Exile Mod.


Whether your a Hardened Gaming Veteran, or a Convict just trying to survive being exilied, you've come to the right place.  We are actively recruiting members over the age of 18.  If you've got what it takes join us and help us...


Paint It Black!

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Posted: 07/26/2017 04:18:52 PM

For those that don't know, July 27th marks the 12th anniversary of Blackhearts Gaming.  Founded in 2005, Blackhearts started as a Battlefield 2 clan in the UK by a fellow named Hardcase. Skorpius and I joined Blackhearts in 2007 and were charged with leading the North American division of Blackhearts in TWL (Teamwarfare League).  Blackhearts competed at the highest level in the BF2 ladder league during this time.  When COD4 was released in 2008 we began competing in those ladders as well.  At it's peak Blackhearts had an active roster of well over 100 members worldwide.


As BF2 began to slip from popularity, Skorpius and I left Blackhearts for a brief time in search of other communities that still supported that game.  We hopped from clan to clan, never really finding a permanent home that had the feel that Blackhearts once provided.


Blackhearts fell stagnet after BF2's demise and struggled to maintain membership and actually shut down it's website and servers in 2009 due to lack of paticipation and real world life challenges of it's leadership.


In 2010 Battlefield Bad Company 2 was released and quickly gained popularity.  Skorpius and I approched the founder of Blackhearts and asked permission to reactivate the clan and change the domain name to blackheartsgaming.com.  In October of 2010, blackheartsgaming.com was relaunched with only two members, myself and Skorpius.  We had one game server and a teamspeak server.


From there we grew quickly, welcoming old members back as DICE released BF3 in 2011.  BF3 was a huge success followed by BF4, and Hardline.  At one point had 5 game servers supporting the Battlefield franchise.


As with all games, they eventually go stale, and in April 2013 we dove into the world of DayZ.  The server evolved from a vanilla public hive, to a vanilla private hive, finally finding it's mark with Epoch in July 2013.


In October of 2015 we ventured into the world of Exile and currently have the best "Vanilla" style Exile server in the world.  We have accomplished a lot together and want to thank each and every member and friend of this awesome community.


I am proud to be a leader of Blackhearts and will continue in our efforts to take us to a whole new level of excellence in the coming years.

Posted: 07/14/2017 06:39:29 PM

Mining is now live!


After some trial and error, mining sand and cement is going to change somewhat.  My initial thought of using a sledgehammer to mine cement was working well, but after researching how to mine sand, I had to switch gears a bit. 


In Arma you need an object or a trigger to be able to produce an action.  In this case a scroll wheel action to fire a client side function to execute the script.  For mining cement I originally placed a rock formation that you could trigger that action on when facing it.  Sand however presented more of a challenge.  My initial thought was if you were on a beach and had a shovel, you could mine as much sand as you wanted.  But there was no way (other than perhaps a trigger) to get this to work properly.  The terrain doesn't allow his functionality (that I know of yet).


My search began for an object that I could trigger this action off of.   I stumbled across a building object that I could use for this.  Scattered around the map are Concrete Mixer Towers than looked like they might work well.  After all, concrete is mixed with sand and cement right?


There are 26 of these structures on Altis.  In some cases there a 3 or 4 stacked side by side.  You've probably passed them by and never gave them a second look.  You will now though.


When the server session begins, a special server side script will run that will place a random number of "bags" in each of these concrete hoppers.  The number will vary from 0 to 5 and will be random.


In order to harvest the cement or sand, you will need to have a shovel and have it in your primary weapons slot and a foolbox in your inventory.   Simply walk up to the concrete hopper and scroll your mouse wheel to get the option to harvest sand/cement.


The animation will take a predetermined time to execute and you will receive either a bag of cement or sand.  Once the hopper is empty, you will need to wait until next server restart to gather more.


There is a chance that your shovel will break when trying to harvest the material.  Be sure to bring a couple with you and be advised that you make a bit of noise while harvesting the material.  Players will be on the hunt as well as AI.




**Update - Made a Foolbox required to harvest.


Posted: 07/03/2017 01:45:35 PM

FV 720 Mora.   Tracked vehicle with 30mm main cannon with AP rounds.  7.62 LMG Coax.


20,000 tabs.


Posted: 05/30/2017 11:03:01 AM

Effective Immediatley:


Flag placement and protection is changing.  You can no longer bury a flag in the ground or in rocks to prevent theft.  You also need to remove any non-destructable object(s) that may be covering your flag as soon as possible.


These include safes, water barrels, and firepits.


You can add additional protection to your flag with destructable objects.  Ie.  Wood posts, walls, floors, etc.  But it must be able to be breached and the base of the flag accessable.


If you need your flag moved, contact and admin and we can help you do that.


  • Players cannot move flags.  Be sure of the flag placement prior to setting it down.  If you need to move a flag, contact an Admin.
  • Flags must be placed at ground level and cannot be buried in the ground or inside of rocks.
  • Safes, water barrels and firepits (non-destructable items) cannot be used to prevent players from accessing the flag.  You can however place destructable objects over the flag base for added protection.


Posted: 05/21/2017 08:57:53 PM

Exile added animal hunting in patch 1.0.3, but to gut an animal you need a knife.  Knives used to be used to hotwire vehicles and were one of the rarest items in the game so this just seems silly so we decided to change things up a bit.


Effective now, knives will spawn in industrial areas with the same frequency as hatchets.  They are also available for sale in the trader.


To hotwire a vehicle, you will need a screwdriver.  The chance to spawn in industrial area has been reduced to the previous chance of a knife.


Screwdrivers used to be used to craft metal fences, that has been changed so it's no longer required.


Anyone that had a knife in a container, I have replaced it with a screw driver.


Report bugs in the forum.