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Blackhearts Gaming Exile Server Information/Rules/FAQ's/Tips

Welcome to Blackhearts Gaming's Arma 3 Exile Server Information Portal Page.   Here you can find links to Server Changelogs, Rules, Frequently Asked Questions, Statistics, Tips and more.



New to Exile?

Check out this beginners guide for how to play Exile!


Server Rules:

Our Server Rules.


Exile Server Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out the most frequesntly asked questions and answers here.


Need Admin Assistance:

Problems in the Server?  Please post your issue/question in this foum.


Player Rewards Program:

Rules and Eligability for our Player Rewards Program


Server and Player Statistics:

Check out the Server Statistics here.


Check out your Individual Statistics here. (You can trade respect for pop-tabs on this page).


Server Information/Configuration/Rolling Changelog:

Get the latest patch notes and our server modifications in this forum thread.


Our Custom Mission System:

How Our Custom Mission System Works.


Territory Maintanence:

How to Maintain Your Territories.


Update Your Territory From the Website!


Extend Territory Ransom Due Date


Trade Respect For Pop Tabs:

Visit your player statistics page for trading respect to poptabs. (Goes into your locker.)


Harvest Sand/Cement:

Unique to our server, using a shovel and a foolbox you can harvest sandbags and cement from cement hoppers located thoughout the map.  Check out this forum post and video for a how to.





Also unique to our server is vehicle crash loot.  If you destory an enemy (or your vehicle) there is a % chance the loot in the inventory will survive the crash.  Check out this  post and video!




Donator Perks:

Due to the BIS Server Monitization Rule (and the fact we hate pay to win servers) we cannot offer in game assets that would provide donators with an unfair advantage.  We can however offer donators a private password protected channel in our teamspeak server for you and your freinds to communicate with each other.  A minimum of $5.00 US will get you a private channel for a period of 30 days.  10$, gets you 60, $15 gets you 90....etc.  After you donate, please contact Skorpius or Born2Kill to setup your channel for you.  Thank you for helping to support our community and servers!