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Posted - 03/15/2016 : 04:17:31 PM  Show Profile

Where else but Blackhearts Gaming can you get rewarded for simply playing the game? 


We will be offering rewards for top players in the Exile server in the following categories.

  • Most PVP Kills by a player in a week.  This excludes AI Kills.
  • Most Deaths in a Week.  This includes PVP deaths, AI Deaths and Suicides.
  • Most AI Deaths in a Week.  Those pesky AI are deadly accurate, but for those that are persistent, they get rewarded.
  • Sniper of the week.  Get the longest killshot on a player.  Get a reward for a shiny new scope.

Rules and Eligability.

  • To qualify for an award, you must register for the website and enter your Arma UID in your profile.
  • Anyone found cheating or padding statistics will be banned from the server.
  • Blackhearts members, staff, and admins are eligable for awards.
  • Rewards are based on statistics gathered from Monday morning 00:00:00 to Sunday at midnight 23:59:59.
  • All times are EST.
  • Rewards will be given on Monday as soon as data is collected and analyzed.
  • Weekly winners will be posted in this thread.

Reward Per Category

  • Top PVP Killer - 200 Tabs / 100 respect for each kill.
  • Top AI Killer - 100 Tabs / 50 respect for each kill.
  • Top Deaths - 10 Tabs / 5 respect per death.
  • Top Deaths By AI - 10 Tabs / 5 respect per death.
  • Top Suicider - 1 Tabs / 1 respect per suicide.
  • Top PVP Sniper - 2 Tabs / 2 respect per meter.
  • Top AI Sniper - 1 Tabs / 1 respect per meter.

Chart the rewards leaders progress on our Exile Server Statistics Page.


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