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 Hunting & Hotwire Changes


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Posted - 05/21/2017 : 08:57:53 PM  Show Profile

Exile added animal hunting in patch 1.0.3, but to gut an animal you need a knife.  Knives used to be used to hotwire vehicles and were one of the rarest items in the game so this just seems silly so we decided to change things up a bit.


Effective now, knives will spawn in industrial areas with the same frequency as hatchets.  They are also available for sale in the trader.


To hotwire a vehicle, you will need a screwdriver.  The chance to spawn in industrial area has been reduced to the previous chance of a knife.


Screwdrivers used to be used to craft metal fences, that has been changed so it's no longer required.


Anyone that had a knife in a container, I have replaced it with a screw driver.


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