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 Rule Change - Base Building


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Posted - 05/30/2017 : 11:03:01 AM  Show Profile

Effective Immediatley:


Flag placement and protection is changing.  You can no longer bury a flag in the ground or in rocks to prevent theft.  You also need to remove any non-destructable object(s) that may be covering your flag as soon as possible.


These include safes, water barrels, and firepits.


You can add additional protection to your flag with destructable objects.  Ie.  Wood posts, walls, floors, etc.  But it must be able to be breached and the base of the flag accessable.


If you need your flag moved, contact and admin and we can help you do that.


  • Players cannot move flags.  Be sure of the flag placement prior to setting it down.  If you need to move a flag, contact an Admin.
  • Flags must be placed at ground level and cannot be buried in the ground or inside of rocks.
  • Safes, water barrels and firepits (non-destructable items) cannot be used to prevent players from accessing the flag.  You can however place destructable objects over the flag base for added protection.



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